Accelerate your change leadership and management learning trajectory.

Learn ten change principles from an experienced Organisational Change Manager.

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The Change Manager's Companion Online Course is your go-to guide for Change Management.

Learn where to focus your attention and efforts. Find valuable insights and suggestions for navigating thorny change problems.

Change management is a rapidly changing field. New insights and techniques continually emerge - learn contemporary transdisciplinary ideas to apply to your change practice. This course provides ten principles for tackling change. These change principles have been forged under pressure in various projects. Learn these principles and underlying practical guidance leading effective change.

Take this course as a complement to The Change Manager's Companion book. Or enjoy this online training as a standalone learning experience. Learn from Allan's engaging videos and interactive quizzes.

Enjoy 1.5 hours of intensive training.

Complementing The Change Manager's Companion book

  • Access content not found in The Change Manager's Companion book

  • Guidance on where to focus your efforts for more effective change

  • Psychological models and strategies for navigating tricky stakeholder dynamics

  • Channel advertising industry techniques to draft change communications like a pro

  • Learn from cybersecurity and political experts on wielding power and influence

  • Architect powerful benefits realisation for your change

  • Approach your change delivery with greater purpose

  • Insights from political activism, Human Factors psychology and management consulting: applied to leading change

This course includes:
  • 1 hour on-demand training (an extra 30 minutes of video content covering each change principle)

  • 12 month access

  • 57 topics to explore

  • Lessons available on mobile or computer

  • Certificate of completion

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